SCD Supports the Ramadan Food Basket Project

Posted on Jul 27, 2012

Washington DC, 07/26/2012

Syrian Christians for Democracy (SCD) is privileged to participate in the humanitarian aid project named “Eftarak Wasel La’andak”, which means, “Your Iftar is arriving to you”, during the month of Ramadan. (Iftar refers to the evening meal and one of the daily observances during the month of Ramadan when Muslims break their fast after sunset)


The initiative delivers baskets of food supplies on a daily basis to Syrian refugees in Jordan as well as Syrian families displaced inside Syria. Last week, and in partnership with the Syrian Expatriates Coordinating Committee, SCD sponsored food baskets to 500 refugee families in the town of Ma’an in southern Jordan. SCD also delivered an additional 100 food baskets to displaced families in the suburbs of Damascus. SCD has been recognized as the largest single contributor to the project to date.

Members of Syrian Christians for Democracy wish their fellow Syrians a blessed Ramadan. We stand in solidarity and support of our Syrian revolution for freedom and dignity. May God grant us victory and freedom this Ramadan. May He comfort the families of our Martyrs and fill with hope the families of the abducted. May He grant healing and perseverance for the injured, imprisoned, and all that are suffering from the savage terrorism and evils of the Assad regime.


References and Links

Official Facebook page of the aid project ““Eftarak Wasel La’andak”

Facebook page of the Syrian Expatriates Coordinating Committee

Video Clip – TV interview with Mr. Hisham Shami, the Director of the Syrian Revolution Local Coordinating Committee in Jordan, and Director of the Eftar aid project.  Mr. Shami recognizes SCD as the largest contributor to the project to date.

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Syrian Christians for Democracy
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